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Compact Radial Engines MZ34


Power:30 hp / 6250 rpm
Torque:35 Nm / 4500 rpm
Displacement:313 cc
Weight:42 lbs (19 kg)
Cycles:Two cycle
Cylinders configuration:1 radial
Propeller drive:Belt redrive
Compact Radial Engines MZ34

MZ34`s description

MZ 34 is our bestseller. It is designed for powered paragliding applications (PPG), single or two place PPG trikes, single place HG trikes and light single place ultralight planes. Lots of high end torque gives this engine outstanding flying capabilities. Built in decompression channel guarantees easy pull start. Tuned exhaust ensures maximum power and quiet operation. Nikasil coated cylinder provides for reliability and longevity of the motor. Engine comes equipped with recoil or electric starter, exhaust system and redrive.

Description from the website on 2014-05-11.

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