Searchable Light Aviation Database

Light Airplanes database is a big database of light airplanes and other aviation resources (aircraft engines, common auto conversion engines for aircraft use etc.).

Each aircraft has at least one photo and basic info such as empty / gross weight, VNE, stall and cruising speed.

Disclaimer: uses data provided by users and by manufacturers without any verification. So please remember the specifications in the database are provided without any guarantee.

You can add your own aircraft or other content to the database as well, just by using contact form.

Randomly selected aircraft:

Buccaneer II

EW:565 lbs (256 kg)
MTOW:1125 lbs (510 kg)
Vs0:32 mph (51 kph)
Vc:80 mph (129 kph)
Keuthan Aircraft Corp Buccaneer II

Jodel D112

EW:728 lbs (330 kg)
MTOW:1360 lbs (617 kg)
Vs0:35 mph (56 kph)
Vc:115 mph (185 kph)
Jodel D112

Mooney Mite

EW:500 lbs (227 kg)
MTOW:780 lbs (354 kg)
Vs0:45 mph (72 kph)
Vc:125 mph (201 kph)
Mooney Mite

Acro Sport Nesmith Cougar

EW:624 lbs (283 kg)
MTOW:1250 lbs (567 kg)
Vs0:53 mph (85 kph)
Vc:135 mph (217 kph)
Acro Sport Nesmith Cougar

Jodel D18 UL

EW:518 lbs (235 kg)
MTOW:1014 lbs (460 kg)
Vs0:37 mph (60 kph)
Vc:109 mph (175 kph)
Jodel D18 UL

JDT Mini-Max 1650R EROS

EW:400 lbs (181 kg)
MTOW:700 lbs (318 kg)
Vs0:33 mph (53 kph)
Vc:75 mph (121 kph)
JDT Mini-Max 1650R EROS
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