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Jabiru J200

Performance & specifications:

Construction material:Composite
Number of seats:2
Wing area:86.1 sqft
Stall speed:52 mph (84 kph)
Cruise speed:138 mph (222 kph)
Empty weight:858 lbs (389 kg)
Gross weight:1197 lbs (543 kg)
Take-off run:640 feet
Landing run:640 feet
Wingspan:26.3 feet
Lenght: feet
Height:7.2 feet
Engine:120 hp Jabiru 3300cc
Fuel capacity:36gal.
Fuel type:gasoline
Jabiru J200

J200`s description

Jabiru J200 is no longer in offer (based on manufacturers website), was probably replaced by J230D. The Jabiru J200 has evolved from combining the best features of the LSA, SP & UL models. It came with the standard LSA wings with the fuel in the wings.