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Me 109R Microlight

Performance & specifications:

Number of seats:1
Stall speed:40 mph (63 kph)
Never exceeded speed:118 mph (190 kph)
Empty weight:441 lbs (200 kg)
Gross weight:661 lbs (300 kg)
Climb rate:885.827 fpm
Wingspan:26.2467 feet
Lenght: feet
Height:4.92126 feet
Fuel type:gasoline
Classic Planes Me 109R Microlight

Me 109R Microlight`s description

Single seat, 80% scale replica of ME 109.

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Manufactured / designed by the same producer / designer:

Me 109R Experimental

EW:661 lbs (300 kg)
MTOW:1102 lbs (500 kg)
Vs0:53 mph (84 kph)
Vc:0 mph (0 kph)
Classic Planes Me 109R Experimental

Comparable airplanes:

Chilton Aircraft DW1

EW:398 lbs (181 kg)
MTOW:640 lbs (290 kg)
Vs0:35 mph (56 kph)
Vc:100 mph (161 kph)
Chilton Aircraft DW1

Blue Yonder E-Z Flyer

EW:495 lbs (225 kg)
MTOW:1200 lbs (544 kg)
Vs0:38 mph (61 kph)
Vc:70 mph (113 kph)
Blue Yonder E-Z Flyer

Morgan Aeroworks Super Diamond MkII

EW:408 lbs (185 kg)
MTOW:992 lbs (450 kg)
Vs0:43 mph (68 kph)
Vc:138 mph (222 kph)
Morgan Aeroworks Super Diamond MkII