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Nieuport 12

Performance & specifications:

Construction material:Aluminium, fabric
Number of seats:2
Wing area:189 sqft
Stall speed:33 mph (53 kph)
Cruise speed:75 mph (121 kph)
Never exceeded speed:112 mph (180 kph)
Empty weight:575 lbs (261 kg)
Gross weight:1070 lbs (485 kg)
Wingspan:26.5 feet
Lenght: feet
Height:7.5 feet
Fuel capacity:12gal.
Fuel type:gasoline
Circa Reproductions Nieuport 12

Nieuport 12`s description

Designed and prototyped in 1989. The 12 is constructed of the same materials as the Nieuport 11 with the exception of the main wing spars which are formed sheet. The 12 is a 2 place ideal for lazy afternoons and first time airplane rides. It is very stable as the original, which was designed to be a photo recon plane. Recommended power plant is the ROTEC R2800 or Rotax 582. Construction is fabric covered tube structure, pull riveted gussets and AN bolts. Plans are oriented to the experienced builder with little instruction needed.

U.S. FAA registrations

Model year No. of seats City State
6x registration with missing year and state
Total registered: 10

Nieuport 12 accident statistics by event year

NTSB Identification Accident Number Event Date Location Injury Severity
20031231X02112LAX04CA0362003-11-06Chandler, CANon-Fatal
20001208X08101CHI97LA1901997-06-29BYRON, MINon-Fatal
20001208X08101CHI97LA1901997-06-29BYRON, MINon-Fatal

Manufactured / designed by the same producer / designer:

Nieuport 11

EW:254 lbs (115 kg)
MTOW:550 lbs (249 kg)
Vs0:27 mph (43 kph)
Vc:80 mph (129 kph)
Circa Reproductions  Nieuport 11

Circa Reproductions Miranda

EW:280 lbs (127 kg)
MTOW:600 lbs (272 kg)
Vs0:30 mph (48 kph)
Vc:81 mph (130 kph)
Circa Reproductions Miranda

Comparable airplanes:

Buccaneer II

EW:565 lbs (256 kg)
MTOW:1125 lbs (510 kg)
Vs0:32 mph (51 kph)
Vc:80 mph (129 kph)
Keuthan Aircraft Corp Buccaneer II