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Performance & specifications:

Construction material:Metal
Number of seats:2
Wing area:99.3509 sqft
Stall speed:40 mph (64 kph)
Cruise speed:146 mph (235 kph)
Never exceeded speed:122 mph (196 kph)
Gross weight:1235 lbs (560 kg)
Climb rate:1450 fpm
Take-off run:443 feet
Landing run:2583 feet
Wingspan:25.9022 feet
Lenght: feet
Fuel type:gasoline

Nexth`s description

Manufacturers description:

  • company reliable and present
  • excellent aerodynamic and flight performance
  • aircraft designed according to the CLS in aerobatic category +9 -4.5 however, the warranty of the construction of an aircraft with superior strength
  • upper engine mount and steel frame with special 15CDV6 with 3 atm pressure inspections
  • safety cell
  • 5 point seat belts anchored directly to the frame
  • nose gear independent of the engine mount
  • system of gear emergency mechanical and detachable from the electric motor
  • skin with anti-corrosion treatment and certified aeronautical rivets
  • One of the most roomy and designed cabin in the category
  • optimum visibility for the position of the back middle wing, together the visual field of a high-wing and low one
  • folding wings for economy spaces and possibility of the trailer for the solution of hangar need
  • opening gull doors and easy access and safe in opening even after overturning
  • fuel tank overpressure greater autonomy and positioned in the safety cell
  • easy and large opening engine cowl for a simple pre-flight inspection
  • new design, fascinating and innovative

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Comparable airplanes:

Asso V Jolly

EW:591 lbs (268 kg)
MTOW:992 lbs (450 kg)
Vs0:39 mph (61 kph)
Vc:140 mph (225 kph)
Asso V Jolly

Morgan Aeroworks Cheetah Sierra 100

EW:690 lbs (313 kg)
MTOW:1199 lbs (544 kg)
Vs0:37 mph (58 kph)
Vc:150 mph (240 kph)
Morgan Aeroworks Cheetah Sierra 100

Morgan Aeroworks Cheetah Sierra 200

EW:690 lbs (313 kg)
MTOW:1199 lbs (544 kg)
Vs0:37 mph (58 kph)
Vc:150 mph (240 kph)
Morgan Aeroworks Cheetah Sierra 200


EW:710 lbs (322 kg)
MTOW:1320 lbs (599 kg)
Vs0:44 mph (71 kph)
Vc:138 mph (222 kph)