How to Get a Pilot’s License

The desire to fly an aircraft is something that many people say that they cannot quite describe. They know that they have a strong interest in flying an aircraft, and that desire does not go away. however, they need to answer at least a few questions before they can begin their journey. For example, they … Read more

Glider Planes: What To Know

Using glider planes is a fun way for some people to deal with aviation in a way that is useful and entertaining. Before you begin to do so, you probably want to know about some of the basics of how these things work, and that is what we are here to provide to you today.  … Read more

Light planes

A light aircraft is one with a 12,500 lb maximum takeoff weight (MTOW). Although you can employ them for duties involving more specific aerial work as well as commercial air transport, light aircraft are often used for general aviation. This indicates that a light aircraft is typically employed for personal use as well as to … Read more

Evans Volksplane VP 2

Evans Volksplane VP-2 is based on the Evans VP-1. A low-wing two-seat light plane with an open-cockpit and all-wood design allowing amateur construction. The first VP-2 was produced in 1971, 5 years after the initial model VP-1. The objectives were to construct a light plane that would be easy and affordable to build, and easy … Read more