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USA flag Ultralight aircraft in the USA

The category is known also as "Part 103 ultraligtht" (based on a chapter in FAR).

Requiremnets for an aircraft to be an "ultralight" in USA:

  • Single seat
  • Empty weight: 155 lb (unpowered) or 254 lb (powered) excluding floats or safety devices
  • Fuel capacity: max 5 U.S. gallons
  • Top speed: 63 mph at full throttle at straight level flight
  • Power off stall speed: 28 mph

Advantages of ultralights in USA

There are several advantages for homebuilders when keeping aircraft in limits of part 103 ultralight category. First, the airplanes dont have to be registred or inspected or have any standarts. Second, the pilot does not have to hold any pilot licence or medical, although it is very encouraged to have a pilot training to fly an aircraft.


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Example of an ultralight aircraft

JDT Mini-Max 1030F

JDT Mini-Max 1030F MAX-103