Glider Planes: What To Know

Using glider planes is a fun way for some people to deal with aviation in a way that is useful and entertaining. Before you begin to do so, you probably want to know about some of the basics of how these things work, and that is what we are here to provide to you today. 

How do Glider Planes Work? 

The key thing about glider planes is that they do NOT use an engine or motor of any kind. Instead, they use currents in the air to remain in the sky. They might even capitalize on weather conditions to stay in the air as well. It is all about making sure that the sailplane is able to stay in the air without any outside force (such as an engine) playing a role in the matter. 

How Much Does a Glider Plane Cost?

There are major expenses that one must take on if they are to use glider planes. They typically run in the range of between $5,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the design of the plane and the specific elements that are contained within. It’s not just that though, there are other expenses related to these planes that are important to calculate as well. 

For example, the glider license that one needs to hold to operate one of these planes costs between $6,000 and $9,000. After all of that, not everyone has the kind of money necessary to get a glider plane at all. Thus, there are rental options that are possible for those who want to explore glider planes without purchasing one outright. The cost for a one-hour rental of a glider plane can be as little as $60. 

Finally, bare in mind that glider planes need to be towed to the location where they will be launched from. The typical towing cost for a glider plane comes in at about $2 per 100 feet that the plane is moved. This is another factor to look at if you intend to take a glider plane a far distance before it is launched. 

Are Gliders Safer than Planes?

It is NOT safer to fly in a glider plane than a commercial airliner. In fact, all reliable indicators point to the idea that glider planes are significantly more dangerous than commercial planes. Studies show that fatalities per flight hour have glider planes coming in with 200 times more fatalities than commercial airliners. That is important to remember when considering the safety of both means of flight. 

People sometimes get it in their mind that a glider plane is a lot safer because they don’t have motors and other elements that are common on a commercial plane. However, the glider plane is going to be far more dangerous than a commercial flight. This is because commercial flights are highly regulated and have worked for many years to add more and more safety measures overall. 

How to Build a Glider Plane 

You will need to collect all of the various materials required to build a glider plane together before you can honestly expect that you will need up with precisely what you need. 

Given the expense of these planes, it is obviously the case that these planes are not easy to build. However, there are people who put them together every day. If you decide that you might like to attempt to do the same, you should sit with people who have done this work in the past to get their opinions about how to make it happen. They can provide you the guidance that you need to have a successful experience with this type of work. 


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