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Duanes Hangar Ultrababy

Performance & specifications:

Stall speed:35 mph (56 kph)
Cruise speed:60 mph (97 kph)
Empty weight:300 lbs (136 kg)
Gross weight:620 lbs (281 kg)
Climb rate:600 fpm
Take-off run:250 feet
Landing run:400 feet
Wingspan:27.5 feet
Lenght: feet
Engine:48 hp
Fuel capacity:5gal.
Fuel type:gasoline
Duanes Hangar Ultrababy

Ultrababy`s description

The aircraft is a 75% scale version of the Bowers Fly Baby intended to comply with the US FAR 103 Ultralight Vehicles rules, including the category's maximum empty weight of 254 lb (115 kg). It can have a sufficiently low enough empty weight for that category when a light enough engine is fitted.

The aircraft is made from wood, with its flying surfaces covered in doped aircraft fabric. Its 27.50 ft (8.4 m) span wing lacks flaps and has a wing area of 121.5 sq ft (11.29 m2). The acceptable power range is 35 to 52 hp (26 to 39 kW) and the standard engine used is the 48 hp (36 kW) Half VW powerplant.

By 1998 the company reported that 40 sets of plans had been sold and one aircraft was flying.

Comparable airplanes:

Weedhopper Standard

EW:330 lbs (150 kg)
MTOW:726 lbs (329 kg)
Vs0:32 mph (51 kph)
Vc:67 mph (108 kph)
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