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Chris Tena Mini Coupe

Aircraft manufacturer: Chris Tena.

Chris Tena Mini Coupe

Performance & specifications:

Stall speed:48 mph (77 kph)
Cruise speed:100 mph (161 kph)
Empty weight:497 lbs (225 kg)
Gross weight:850 lbs (386 kg)

Aditional specifications:

Climb rate:750 fpm
Engine:80 hp
Fuel capacity:15gal.

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Accidents and FAA registrations

Accident statistics by event year

NTSB Identification Accident Number Event Date Location Injury Severity
20001214X40411MKC84FA2251984-07-21NASHVILLE, ARFatal(1)

FAA registrations per US states

Model year No. of seats City State
19821PACE FL
13x registration with missing year and state
Total registered: 16

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