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Jurca MJ-2 Tempete

Performance & specifications:

Construction material:Wood
Number of seats:1
Wing area:85.9 sqft
Stall speed:62 mph (100 kph)
Cruise speed:102 mph (164 kph)
Empty weight:639 lbs (290 kg)
Gross weight:950 lbs (431 kg)
Jurca MJ-2 Tempete

MJ-2 Tempete`s description

Single seater all wood aircraft, aerobatic capable, easy to build. Fuselage with straight pinched flans. Unique straight longeron wing, identical ribs. Fixed landing gear. Integral bubble canopy.


Manufactured / designed by the same producer / designer:

Jurca MJ-5 Sirocco

EW:947 lbs (430 kg)
MTOW:2030 lbs (921 kg)
Vs0:65 mph (105 kph)
Vc:149 mph (240 kph)
Jurca MJ-5 Sirocco