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Air Command Commander 147A

Performance & specifications:

Stall speed:30 mph (48 kph)
Cruise speed:75 mph (121 kph)
Empty weight:700 lbs (318 kg)
Gross weight:1500 lbs (680 kg)
Climb rate:600 fpm
Take-off run:350 feet
Landing run:20 feet
Wingspan:29 feet
Lenght: feet
Height:8.81 feet
Engine:160 hp
Fuel capacity:30gal.
Fuel type:gasoline
Air Command Commander 147A

Commander 147A`s description

American autogyro that was designed and produced by Air Command International of Wylie, Texas. The fuselage was made from bolted together aluminum tubing with a fiberglass fairing.

Comparable airplanes:

Slepcev Storch

EW:772 lbs (350 kg)
MTOW:1213 lbs (550 kg)
Vs0:29 mph (47 kph)
Vc:80 mph (129 kph)
Slepcev Storch