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Aerostar 601

Performance & specifications:

Stall speed:89 mph (143 kph)
Cruise speed:270 mph (435 kph)
Empty weight:4056 lbs (1840 kg)
Gross weight:6000 lbs (2722 kg)
Climb rate:1460 fpm
Take-off run:1900 feet
Landing run:1230 feet
Wingspan:36.63 feet
Lenght: feet
Height:12.08 feet
Engine:290 hp
Fuel capacity:165gal.
Aerostar 601

U.S. FAA registrations

Model year No. of seats City State
2x registration with missing year and state
Total registered: 3

601 accident statistics by event year

NTSB Identification Accident Number Event Date Location Injury Severity
20071108X01756MIA07WA1532007-09-29Siena, ItalyNon-Fatal
20050105X00016SEA05LA0322004-12-30Hamilton, MTNon-Fatal
20001208X07583LAX97LA1311997-03-23PENN VALLEY, CAFatal(1)
20001208X05103BFO96LA0401996-01-27MOUNT STORM, WVNon-Fatal
20001213X28313FTW89FA0891989-05-03NEW IBERIA, LAFatal(1)
20001214X35941LAX85FA1691985-03-06SEPULVEDA, CAFatal(1)